Here Comes The Blog…

by Admin

Note: Here is my first blog post ever, rescued from FoxSportsBlogs. Back in ’07 I would write The Blender for both for The Plant (Dawson Student Newspaper) and Fox. Eventually I realized Fox sucked and limited me to just talking about sports, so I revamped The Blender, brought it to BlogSpot, then WordPress, then morphed it into Highway 35. So that’s my little intro, enjoy.

Dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum. No idea why wedding bells have just popped into my head, considering I’m single and have no prospect for marriage, but it felt like an appropriately random way to start what will be a very random blog.

To start, my NCAA Tourney bracket is officially as hopeless as the Oakland Raiders. Wanting to take an underdog to win it all, (see sidebar for more about my affection for underdogs,) I went with a 4-seed, Texas, to take it all. Kevin Durant is a monster, probably the best NBA prospect outside the league, and a possible future starting small forward for my Charlotte Bobcats. Going with the underdog pick isn’t always the wisest choice however. The average seed of the tourney champion the past four years was 1.3. ONE-POINT THREE! My gut told me to go with a 4-seed, and that’s what i did.

My friends compared it to blasphemy but I didn’t care, I was going to prove them wrong. They could take their Gators, Buckeyes, and Hoyas as champions and metaphorically shove them…somewhere. So back to the point, once Texas lost in the second round to a team essentially named after a condom company, I was hanging on a lose thread. I needed the rest of my final four to make it (damn you Oregon…) and for a very random team (UNC, USC) to come out as champions so everyone would be as screwed as I am. No dice. So you favored teams enjoy your damn tourney victories, I’ll be the one sitting at home weeping. (PS it’s not like I lost any money on it or anything…because gambling’s illegal right?) Enough of me ranting about this though…it’s been two paragraphs and your eyes are probably bleeding.

The NFL Draft. Hmmm. Nothing kills the February-September waiting period for an NFL fan quite like it. The possibility of your tema acquiring a new star (Adrian Peterson…please?) can leave you giddy till draft time. Don’t get to excited though. After watching the Rose Bowl way back in 2006…I began salivating over my team’s new running back. The Houston Texans wouldn’t hurt me like that and pass him up would they? After all, they had the first pick in the draft and he was by far the ebst talent available…oh well, I guess G-d hates me. Now onto this year, the draft is filled with possible franchise revivers. (Apparently I just made up that word.) RB Adrian Peterson, WR Calvin Johnson, and QB Jamarcus Russell have the potential to tear up the NFL over the enxt few seasons. Hopefully, my Texans will end up with a solid defensive player like safety LaRon Landry or have a player like Peterson fall magically into their laps…there’s still hoping.

Now onto the NHL, not like any Americans reading this will care. (Doesn’t hunting outdraw the NHL in televsion ratings there?) The bleu-blanc-rouge, (or the Montreal Canadiens, as they’re less affectionately called,) are locked into 9th position. Every time they win, it seems their closest competitors also win, (New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs.) Hopefully my boys can pull through their gruelling schedule enxt week and at least clinch a playff spot and let faith decide how far they can go.

And so as this blog comes to an end, I hope you enjoyed reading it, check back form time to time, I’ll update it randomly. I promise it will be less rambly in the future.

Peace out, take it easy, and remember: DON’T ALWAYS ROOT FOR THE UNDERDOGS!

Sincerely Yours,

– The Frustrated Jamie Gewurz