So Close, Yet So Far

by Admin

The clock is ticking. 15 hours till my final class of the semester, 17 hours ’till freedom. And all I can think of is how amazing it’s going to be to get this load off my cheast (that’s what she said.)

In about a week i leave for Europe, and a month later than that I’m off to camp where ill be Assistant Head of Landsports and running Lacrosse, something I’m actually pretty excited for, because of how much I love Lacrosse.

I even bought a new stick today, along with socks and shin pads for floor hockey/soccer/lacrosse. Why can’t it be summer yet? Less than a day from now I’ll be done school, finally, able to actaully reply “yes” when my friend asks me to play roller hockey. Golf looms also, as do trips to the driving range, and all i have to do is get over the next few hours and I’m good.

Curse you Quebec History. I have an exam tomorrow, so I shall get back to studying…just wanted to give a bit of an update.