It’s About F&*%$@g Time!

by Admin

This has taken too long. I’ve procrastinated for months now, putting off writing more for this blog. It started off as occasional writing, and now I don’t even write at all. So on that note, I’m announcing the resurrection of The Blender.

The Blender, which was written most frequently this March, had a brief uprising in May before it’s death. Now, with the school year starting and more motivation as ever, this blog will start actually becoming what it should be, a blog. Daily postings talking about anything from sports, to politics, to world news and more, will be posted, as well as new kinds of features which will be revealed soon.

And the beauty of it, for me at least, is that I’m killing two birds with one metaphorical stone. By writing this blog I allow myself to improve my writing, (because “practice makes perfect,”) and hopefully give my readers, however few they may be, a chance to inform and enjoy themselves.

And with that I’m off, don’t forget to check back often.