September Already?

by Admin

Yep, it’s arrived that fast. After a short 100-day summer or so, September is here. So what if I, unlike most of my friends, started school last Monday instead of the usual post-Labour Day Tuesday. To me, school only really starts this week, with all the introductory classes done with and the work starting to pile on. In fact, I already have a homework assignment due tomorrow as well as a quiz, so I should probably be getting on those, but I figured I’d stop by the blog first.

While most of my friends are post-frosh starting classes tomorrow, I’ll be beginning my second week of what some people call “the Dawson Victory Lap,” for those who don’t finish Dawson in the standard 4 semesters. Anyways, I messed up and I know it. With the prospect of actually being interested in all my classes for the first time in my life (I hope to end up in Concordia Journalism,) I might actually try for once. And hey, look at this: it’s 8:26 and I’m already going to start doing work. First time I did that before 10 in a while.