Waiting Up For Ike

by Admin

Hurricane Ike is 1 mph away from being declared a Category 3 hurricane, and headed towards Houston. Because Houston is the home of one of my sets of first cousins, as well as my favorite football team, I’m staying awake, refreshing CNN every couple of minutes.

Fortunately, by the time it passes over Houston, experts predict it will have died down a little, so neither my cousins nor my favorite team should be harmed.

One good thing to come out of this hurricane, however, is that the Texans-Ravens game originally slated for Sunday afternoon has been moved to Monday night, giving the Texans their first Monday night game in their short history.

Even though most of the continent will be tuned into the Cowboys-Eagles matchup, I’ll be watching/following my Texans. Unfortunately the game won’t reach me here in Montreal so I’ll have to watch online. Or move to Baltimore, Washington DC, or Houston, which is probably not the best idea, considering the circumstances.

Anyways it’s already after 3 so I’ll be going to sleep, or at least trying to… and I can only hope that Ike does not get any stronger, and those affected in Houston and the rest of Texas are okay.