The First Book Post

by Admin

So carrying around this little book that i talked about last post has actually mildly payed off. While waiting for the bus outside Plamondon metro earlier tonight, I actually started writing. But because i was interrupted by a friend not too long after I started, my “post,” was interrupted. Anyways, here it is:

I Hate Rain – 8:44 pm
“Piece of shit weather. I hate rain. I also hate public transportation, especially at night, when you just want to get home already. Even during the day it sucks. I was standing next to this one guy on the bus this morning, and he actually smelled like a garbage bag. No exaggeration. To make things even worse for me (and the other passengers,) his arm was raised, so we were getting the full whiff. Straight outta that commercial a few years back.”

And that’s it. Pretty short, but I had barely started writing before the friend showed up. Had he not, I prob could’ve ranted a bit more about how much I hate the STM at night, and maybe thought of some other stuff. But I don’t exactly remember how I was feeling at that exact moment, so maybe next time.

At least I’m not carrying around the book for nothing?