Electoral Map Update

by Admin

With Obama having leads in important swing states Florida, Missouri, Nevada, Virginia, and Obama gaining on McCain in Ohio, the election looks more and more likely to swing in Obama’s favour. Check out this article for more info.

Here’s the newest update of the Electoral map, courtesy of CNN:

(Click the picture for a more interactive approach.)

According to this map, 160 electoral votes are “Safe Obama (Dark Blue),” 90 “Lean Obama (Light Blue),” 99 are “tossups (Yellow),” 64 “Lean McCain (Pink),” and 125 are “Safe McCain (Red).”

This brings the Safe/Lean score to a 250- 189 lead for Obama. 270 electoral votes are needed to clinch the presidency.

So what happens if Obama wins the four states listed at the top of the article, all of which he is currently leading? 306 electoral votes go to Obama, with only 232 left for McCain, if he wins the remaining “tossup states” (Colorado, Wisonsin, Ohio, and New Hampshire.) This would give Obama the biggest election victory since incumbent Bill Clinton’s 379-159 over Bob Dole.

I don’t think Obama will win that cleanly, but as the first vice-presidential debate looms, it looks like McCain is falling into a deeper and deeper hole.