On A More Serious Note…

by Admin

My past two posts have been me expressing my immaturity by posting two news headlines that could be interpreted as “dirty.” What happened to all the serious posts? Election talk, commentary on sports, and even random ranting?

Maybe blogs aren’t all serious, or some even serious at all, but there needs to be more than just “haha, look what I found!” posts, and that’s where The Blender 2.0 comes in.

The layout will stay the same, but the blog will be updated with more consistency. I’m striving for at least one daily post, ranting about whatever is on my mind for that day. Other posts, such as “Video of the Day,” and “Links I Occasionally Visit Sometimes,” will be posted as often as I can, and even newer features will come to this blog. Once I think of them.

So that’s it for now, keep coming back to check up on The Blender, comment, subscribe, and tell your friends.