Welcome Facebookians

by Admin

Did I just make a word up? Who knows. Anyways, in an effort to branch out, I’ve made a facebook group for my blog. Which you can find here.

If you’ve just come here from that group, it means you have a slightly vested interest in my writing. I encourage you to subscribe, comment, and make any suggestions that can help me improve my blog.

Even though my two main interests are probably sports and politics, this blog will cover anything, especially if I have an interest in that particular something. Even if I don’t I’ll sometimes still write about.

If you’ve come here accidentally, I apologize for misleading you. I still think you should check out the whole blog, (comment etc,) but you’re entitled to your opinion. I actually invited everyone on my Facebook friends list to the group, so hopefully a significant portion of them will come by and see what I’ve got.

This isn’t much of a real post, more of a welcome to the people who got here from Facebook and don’t know what it is. So look around, take advantage of the search feature on the bottom right of the page, or look near the top at my “recent posts.”

I only recently started this blog, I used to run it at a different site. Because of that, there are not too many new posts, but there will be, so check it out.