A New Year, A New Blog

by Admin

I tried running The Blender on Fox Sports Blogs. Got bored. Moved it to Blogspot. I was intrigued by WordPress’ ability to track stats. So I moved it there. Despite all the moving, one characteristic of The Blender remained consistent.

Ironically, it was its inconsistency that remained consistent. After a bit of thought, when the occurrence of posting changed from seldom to rare, I decided to put an end to it all. I killed The Blender.

But even then, I knew it wasn’t an end to my blogging. Still an aspiring journalist, I needed a blog. I needed a forum to express my thoughts on anything, in writing, whether people cared or not. But the inconsistency of posting was attached to the name “Blender.” I had no logo, no gimmick, nothing. No reason to continue writing. Even when I was bored I sometimes couldn’t write.

So I came up with this new blog. It took a bit of time to think of a title, but I’ll run you through my thought process quickly. The internet is sometimes referred to as an “information super-highway.” This “super-highway” has many “roads” or sites, that spin off from it. On any one of these roads, you can find information on anything; specific stats on a football season from 1982, the exact size of a fully-grown male ostrich, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Anything.

You can find people’s opinions on movies, music, games, what they think about the Bush shoe-throwing incident, anything. So I came up with Highway 35. A one-stop destination for funny, odd, interesting, but often useless information. All that gave me the idea for “Highway,” the 35 is a lucky number of mine. (Hockey, Roulette, etc.)

So with 2009 hours away, a new blog signifies a new beginning. A new direction for me, both in writing and in life. So that’s my introduction, no puns in the title, no slang, mild humour. A new year, a new blog.