Irony And All of His Friends

by Admin

Yes I’m back. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sorry, had to put that pop culture reference in because I doubt many people will recognize the one in the title. It’s a reference to the Coldplay album Viva La Vida‘s full name. An album which, thanks to a friend, was in seriously high rotation from July through September. That and Weezer’s Red Album, (actually just called Weezer,) was pretty much all I listened to. I mention this because even though the mood for Coldplay hasn’t struck me in a while, I still listen to the Red Album as if it was a new millennium Sgt. Pepper’s. I probably could’ve put some more links in there, but if you don’t know know what I’m talking back your music knowledge is horrendous.

Anyways back to Weezer, despite the Coldplay-related title. Their third self-titled album (the other two are nicknamed the Blue Album and the Green album, released 14 and 7 years ago, respectively,) didn’t do nearly as well as their others, but its currently the one stuck in my head. A funny thing about that album though, is that it starts of with three songs, who combined might form the catchiest trio to lead an album that I can remember. (Troublemaker, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Pork & Beans.) The latter two somewhere in my top 50 favorite songs of all time, which is a pretty selective group (though I do have a Dolly Parton song in there.)

There I go with my inability to complete my thoughts. What I find weird about the album is that in addition to the three I already said, it has “Heart Songs,” “Everybody Get Dangerous,” and “Dreamin'” following, three great songs in their own right. But the really weird thing about the album is it has tiers. The Big 3, the Kind Of Good 3, and at the end, the Abysmal 3. Is this a usual occurrence in albums? Start off strong and turn to shit?

I did a bit (a few seconds) of research and found out that a lot of my favourite albums form this millenium centered around the hit single being somewhere in the middle, (see Roberts, Sam, and Rap, All.) But wait. A discovery has just been made. The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds,” Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” and almost every Weezer album starts off with a bang (“Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, etc.) So maybe my analogy is completely wrong? The thing though is that most of these albums may start off with a hit, but they slow it down a bit before hitting the listeners with some great songs, a formula that seems to work for pretty much everyone.

But enough with all this musical analogies. Where the hell have I been?

Turthfully, nowhere. It’s not like I lead a super-exciting life where my time is so precious, I just haven’t gotten around to blogging, beside there being so much to blog about (PRESIDENT Obama, the Cardinals’ rise which noone could’ve predicted (except me,) and the fact that back in September, when Brady went down for the season, my prediction that the Steelers would become the cream of the AFC.)

With my new 2009 aversion to gambling, and the lack of Fantasy Football still around, I’ve found something else to fill my obsessive-compulsive need to follow sports. It’s called Streak For Cash, and is run on the ESPN website. Basically, it gives you a bunch of sports choices (which team will win, which Basketball player will put up more points, etc,) to select, of which you can only select one at a time. Your goal is to put up a 27-game winning streak in order to win the Jackpot, $1 Million. Though I know I have no realistic chance at the jackpot, it’s allowed me to take an interest in college basketball and obscure sports, something that I didn’t before. The competitiveness with friends (everyone I know that’s on it is in a group where we can track each other’s streaks, records, and picks) helps too. If you are interested, comment here and I’ll send you the invite to my group.

Another thing that has occupied my time is President Obama’s memoir, Dreams for my Father. I’ll leave my review for when I actually finish the book, but so far it’s been pretty good.

One of the things I wanted to do this year with this new blog was follow this book that gave me a daily task that was supposed to change my life. I did for a few days, but then I unfortunately misplaced, possibly leaving it on the metro on the way home from downtown. It will be sorely missed.

Now, almost 800 words in, I’ve finally come to the purpose of using that title. I was gonna mention the misuse of the word “Ironic” (see the song of that name by Alannis Morisette, [HAVING A LOT OF SPOONS ISN’T IRONIC!!!]) but at the risk of misusing it myself, decided I’ll keep the title and not talk about it. (Ironic? No? Who cares…)

It’s original use was to say that recently my life had not been going exactly the way I wanted. I got dumped, and let go from my job in a span of few days, things which I guess sucked at first but in retrospect weren’t that bad (no offense to my ex employer or girlfriend.) Those things, combined with the long break with nothing to do, led me into a state where I was fairly bored and useless. Then, on one specific date, my life turned around. Ironically, (there it is,) it came on January 20th, 2008. The same day as President Obama’s inauguration, (a politician I had known about and followed more recently the last two years,) since my cousin was rooting for him to win his Senate seat back in 2004. So basically everyone else is a bandwagon fan.

All kidding aside, the date was the same date I made the decision to change my life, more specifically, to change schools. Now at Centennial College, I am a lot happier than I’ve been in the past and am more motivated for school than I’ve ever been. Dawson was just not right for me, but now I know what direction I’m going in, and I like where I’m headed.

Anyways I doubt much of this made sense, or was any use to anyone, but I figured, why not, I have nothing better to do other than study Economics. Stay tuned for some more posts, and keep checking the blog frequently, and feel free to comment.

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I promise the next post will have a bit of structure.

Oh and I’ll send you off with a hilarious video showing similarities between Benjamin Button and Forrest Gump. Unfortunately, I can’t post it but click here to watch it.

Here’s another video, featuring Andy Samberg, referencing the similarity between his and Adam Sandler’s names.

I swear the next post won’t be a complete mess like this. Consider this a rare “Mega-Rant Post.”

(Written while listening to Weezer’s Red Album & Nirvana’s Nevermind)