Who Will Do The Super Bowl Shuffle?

by Admin

The Steelers. Plain and simple. They have the D to stop the supposedly “unstoppable” Cards offense, and in the most important battle of the game, Steelers offense versus Cards defense, they have the edge. Regardless of the fact that Cardinals coach Ken Wisenhunt, the offensive coordinator the last time the Steelers won the Super Bowl, knows their playbook inside and out.

Before I start rattling off some more predictions, here’s my past history of predictions since I was a football fan:

XXXVI – My prediction: Patriots, Tom Brady MVP. Final Score: 20–17 Pats, Tom Brady MVP.
(I barely knew football that year, but I knew this Brady guy that took over for Bledsoe was good so I went with it.)

XXXVII – My prediction: Buccaneers, Derrick Brooks MVP. Final score: 48–21 Bucs, Dexter Jackson MVP.
(Defense wins championships, I knew that from an early age. Brooks was the best player so I figured he’d get at least 1 TD, and I was right in that aspect.)

XXXVIII – My prediction: Patriots, Tom Brady MVP. Final score:32–29 Pats, Tom Brady MVP.
(I still can’t believe I missed the Janet Jackson “incident” here. Damn Lingerie Bowl.)

XXXIX – My prediction: Patriots, Deion Branch MVP. Final score: 24-21 Pats, Deion Branch MVP.
(Most people are probably like “yeah right you picked a receiver,” but I did a pool with two friends where we “drafted” MVPs, and Brady and McNabb were already gone. Turns out I was right. Plus I knew no way Brady was getting it for a third time.)

XL – My prediction: Steelers, Hines Ward MVP. Final score: 21-10 Steelers, Hines Ward MVP.
(I knew the Steelers were gonna kill. I KNEW Hines Ward was gonna get MVP, and I KNEW they were gonna have at least one crazy play involving Randle El. I love being right.)

XLI – My prediction: Bears, Brian Urlacher MVP. Final score: 29-17 Colts, Peyton Manning MVP.
(The one black mark on my record. Being a Texans fan, I could never pick the Colts to win, so I tried to convince myself that the Bears D would crush them. Deep down inside I kinda thought Indy could pull it off, but I refused to let myself believe that. Oh well… nobody’s perfect.)

XLII – My prediction: Giants, Plaxico Burress MVP. Final score: 17-14 Giants, Eli Manning MVP.
(Yeah bitches… one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets ever and I got it. I knew it was gonna be a low scoring game too, so I spent that entire morning trying to find one of my gambler friends that had a bookie to lay down $50 for me on the Giants and the under. I would’ve won about $900. Oh well, shit happens.)

XLIII – My prediction: Steelers 27 – Cardinals 20, Ben Roethlisberger MVP.

I’ve gone for the Cardinals the entire playoffs. Honestly. I had them beating Atlanta, Carolina, and Philadelphia, with each new round. So why turn my back on them now? While I did predict a Ravens – Cardinals Super Bowl at the beginning of the playoffs, I’ve known since September that the Steelers were the team to beat in the AFC. I know this because once Brady got injured, I wrote a column for the Dawson Plant saying exactly that. Despite people’s rumblings about the Jets, Titans, or Colts. I’ve followed Steelers safety Troy Polamalu since his USC days, even when as a rookie, he was referred to as “S #43” in Madden, and I was always the Steelers.

The Steelers easily have the best D in the league. I thought the Ravens could give them a run for their money, but they just didn’t have the offense to put up points against Pittsburgh. Arizona does, but I still think they’re going to come up too short. I think Larry Fitzgerald (a player I’ve been following since his early days in College, since he played against my beloved Miami Hurricanes,) will not have the monster game people are expecting, because the Steelers D will be on him like no one (except for the Cardinals own safety Antrell Rolle, who, as a freshman cornerback at the University of Miami, held the best receiver in the country to a 3 catch, 20 yard game) ever has been. He’ll be held to a “pedestrian” 6-8 catch, 90 yard game, with no more than one deep catch. I won’t be as bold to say he’ll be held out of the end zone, but even if the Cards do pull out the victory, he won’t have the stats to back up getting MVP. That award would likely end up going to Kurt Warner.

So I hope everyone has a good time at their respective Super Bowl parties, hopefully noone loses too much money, and I challenge someone to defeat my Super Bowl XXXIX record of 10 pieces of pepperoni pizza and 36 Buffalo Wings. Yeh I did.

Now please look at this garden of eden of food:


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Oh, and here’s a parting gift if you’re looking for a few laughs, from the amazing Boo Ya Pictures:

The Bears infamous “Super Bowl Shuffle”:

That’s a classic, but here’s a horrendous one featuring the Raiders (when’s the last time something mentioned about the Raiders was good?)

Have a good night everyone.