New Post?

by Admin

Yep… but not as exciting as you might think. I am so lazy… I didn’t even fully open WordPress to write this. (Thanks QuickPress.) By the way… the fact that “WordPress” is not registered by the WordPress spell check, and the same for “Facebook” on “Facebook,” is hilarious.

So where have I been for a month? Nowhere really. I changed schools and pretty much completely reversed my academic success, which used to not be so good. Unfortunately, my english often still refuses to make sense… and I’m even confusing myself writing this.

So many post ideas have popped up the past few weeks; a review for Troubadour, K’naan’s new album, anything about Jimmy Fallon’s new show and my love for Conan, or um, the fact that I lose my train of thought often when I write.

So yeah, I guess I write like I talk. In the coming days, since I have no school, you can expect a post about the album (9/10) and Jimmy Fallon (8/10), and maybe even about Watchmen (7.5/10), sometime soon.

Another thing I want to address is how this blog may seemingly be rather useless, some people out there in internet-land are still searching for something, something that keeps bringing them to my blog: the Michael Phelphs bong incident.

Really? That’s still newsworthy? Not only did it happen so long ago (not really,) all the necessary apologies etc have already went down. And why my blog? It was just one little post… a few days ago over 500 people came to my blog just for that article. I get about 50 or so views a day on that post, despite how old the topic is or how short it is.

So I guess I discovered the secret to blogging: write about news-relevant stuff. Hmm… should’ve thought about that a long time ago…