The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

by Admin


Thanks to StumbleUpon, Twitter, and my constant reading of blogs from around the web, I have now seen the coolest innovation since the iPhone.

With the economy in a big decline, trading card sales have been abysmal. In an effort to fight this, Topps has come up with an idea that seems crazy, but judging by this video, actually works.

In case you didn’t understand, placing these new cards in front of a webcam will detect which player is represented, promptly producing a 3D image of said player. After that, position-specific games can be played. This innovation hopes to reverse the fortunes of the trading-card industry, which was once a $1 billion dollar industry, and which has since sunk to around a $200 million industry.

Though I was always more of a hockey card guy, this actually makes me want to go out and buy these cards. Nice job Topps. Good luck…