Finn Fashions Flash Drive From Finger

by Admin


I’ve never had to amputate an appendage, (thank God,) but if I did, the first thought in my mind probably wouldn’t be “hm, how can I make this extremely awesome.” Actually come to think of it, I probably would. So props Jerry Jalava, a computer programmer form Helsinki, Finland.

Last summer Jalava lost his finger in a motorcycle accident, after barely owning the bike for more than a week. He was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately the doctors couldn’t do anything to save it. When the doctors found out that he was a programmer, they jokes that he should replace his finger with a flash drive. He actually took their advice.

The prosthetic finger is used for storing his photos, movies, and music, amongst other things. It may look like a (relatively) normal finger, but when he pulls it back from the nail, he can plug it into the USB slot of a computer, like a regular flash drive. Thankfully, the finger isn’t permanently attached, and he can remove it for use when he so desires. Humourously, Jalava is looking to expand on this idea. He wants to add more memory as well as wireless technology and an RFID tag.

This story got me thinking. If, God forbid, I were to lose an appendage, how could I make it as awesome as this? As of 7:40 on Thursday night, I don’t really have any good/hilarious ideas, so I’m reaching out to you guys. Comment on this article on what YOU would do if you lost a finger/arm/leg/other? Whether serious or not, I look forward to your responses.