Listen To This

by TickTock

Hey everybody, its Romo here. I’ll be doing a new feature here on called “Listen To This”.

These posts will highlight some of the best new hit music. Hope you Enjoy!

Some songs for the first post include:

1) Kid Cudi – Day N’ Nite (Listen Here) and an amazing remix (Here)

This is Kid Cudi’s first single from his new upcoming album called “Man on the Moon: The Guardins”, out in summer 09.

It was on his mixtape (A Kid Named Cudi) and has become a great hit. Cudi has just announced that he will retire after his first album. He said that he’s accomplished everything he wanted with rap and will now focus on acting.  Cudi is a great rapper and this single is a great hit. (P.S the video is pretty amazing, one of the best of the year)

2) Asher Roth – I Love College (Listen Here) – Fun song and great video

This is Asher Roth’s first single off his debut album Asleep in the Bread Aisle. The song is entertaining and has generated lots of buzz. Again the lyrics are cool and another great video.

3) Fabolous feat The Dream –  Throw it in the Bag (Listen and Download Here)

This is a new single from Fabolous feat the Dream. The song is pretty good, might be a hit. Worth a listen.

4) Soulja Boy Tell’em feat Sammie –  Kiss me Thru the Phone (Listen Here)

This song has been out a while but its been generating more buzz lately so I put it up here. Its a good song that I didn’t  expect from Soulja Boy. Its a pretty catchy tune, and its definately a song to have on your iPod.

5) The Dream feat Christina Milian – Amazing (Remix) – (Fanmade Video) (Download)

I just listened to this song and its got pretty cool beat to it. Haven’t heard Milian in a while so its nice to see shes back to singing. This songs been under the radar so check it out above and tell me what you think.

Feel free to comment on the songs, and also post some songs that you feel are a great listen.

That’s all for today folks, stay tuned for the next post of “Listen to This”