Silent Night, Unholy Night

by Admin

The past 48 hours or so have been some of my worst, computer wise. Ever my faithful Dell, some 6 or 7 years ago, it’s had it’s share of problems. I’ve had to re-install Windows XP before but usually the process was fairly easy. Sometimes even quick, but not this time.

When I awoke Saturday afternoon to find my computer pretty much done, I was understandably pissed. I knew I’d have to re-install my hard drive, but I delayed the inevitable and went to play street hockey. It was a beautiful day after all, did I really need technology? After I got home from hockey, I searched for a very long time to find that purple CD that would delete my entire computer history…pretty much. I found it and did what I had to do, with the process ending minutes before my lift was there.

I got back from a friend’s birthday dinner only to realize I still didn’t have internet. Without internet I couldn’t install some of my favorite programs, (MSN, Java, Flash,) or access any website. Oddly enough, the night before me and some friends joked about what we would give up for Lent if we were Christian. I joked that I could never give up the internet, but here I was without Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, or even my blog.

I called up Videotron and they were pretty useless. After wasting my time for a bit they pretty much said they couldn’t help me, so I called up Dell. They were actually helpful, and after about half an hour or so, I finally had internet. Unfortunately because I’m still stuck on the Windows Service Pack 1, I couldn’t even install iTunes. Or MSN. Or even USE Windows Messenger, which was teasingly already installed. Regardless of the fact that my iPod was plugged in, I couldn’t access any of my music, and I was too lazy/bored to start ripping/downloading CDs. What would be the point anyways, without iTunes to so conveniently organize them?

So that’s where this blog post gets its title. I finally have the internet back, but I pretty much couldn’t install anything, except for Icy Tower, an addicting computer game. All that’s left to entertain me on the computer is Hearts and the Internet, which finally has flash which makes YouTube okay. Still, my computer is practically naked and I have to resort to using WordPad to read my Economics notes.

With my exam hours away, I should probably get back to (start?) studying. Keep checking back for updates, not just on my computer situation but on the blog in general. And please don’t forget to vote for Scream Cheese 2 every day. Thanks.

9:03 Update: I’ve rediscovered my stereo, and filled it with five CDs: Weezer’s Pinkerton, a mix of the best The Police songs, Instant Karma Disc 2 (John Lennon covers), a double CD with both The Doors & Let It Be, and Sgt. Pepper’s. This could be fun.