Blast From The Past

by Admin

We all have to start somewhere. My journalism interest started in high school, and blew up once I saw the movie Almost Famous. Though I had written for my school paper (The Bialik Censored) before, none of those articles really made sense. Well they did, but the writing quality was horrendous. It was four years (or more) ago and I didn’t know what I was doing.

I still don’t, but the difference now is that I don’t care. The article below is my first “real” feature, despite its lack of length or substance. I wrote it in a heat of passion, (sometime in March 2005, according to the publication date) after my high school began taking action over unlocked lockers. Sounds a bit stupid, but read the article and you’ll know what I mean. And to those who attended Bialik in 2005, particularly the class of ’06, enjoy.


Reading this article actually made me laugh. We were fifteen and sixteen, and we were having sit-ins and protesting over the dumbest thing. A slogan was even created; “LOCK MY LOCKER, LOCK MY FREEDOM!” Made me remember how much I/we enjoyed high school, especially the last two years. Adam Vaknine if you’re out there, please come to Montreal, we miss you.