Deutsch Beatles

by Admin

In case you were somehow unable to decipher my “extremely difficult” headline, it means German Beatles. As in the German versions of the lads from Liverpool, the Beatles. I should actually be more clear. I’m talking about German versions of their songs, not some blond-haired blue-eyed cover band.

Now while most people would think it would be ridiculous to expect a band as great as The Beatles to release not one, but two songs in a language other then their own, they really did. Here’s the proof:


While on tour in Paris in January 1964, The Beatles made their first (and only) recordings outside of London. It was German versions of two of their songs, She Loves You (Sie Liebt Dich), and I Want To Hold Your Hand (Komm Gib Me Deine Hand). The Beatles agreed to do it rather reluctantly, and the German translation was done in a rush, so the literal translations are pretty hilarious. Here’s a sample:

She Loves You / Sie Liebt Dich
(Click here to see the full version.)

“You think you lost your love,
Well, I saw her yesterday.
It’s you she’s thinking of
And she told me what to say.”

Becomes this in German (translated):

“You think she only loves me?
Yesterday I saw her.
She only thinks of you,
and you should go to her.”

I Want to Hold Your Hand / Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
She Loves You was pretty simple, but I Want To Hold Your Hand’s literal translation is so epic that you absolutely must check it. Click here to see it all, but as promised, here’s the sample.

“Oh, please, say to me
You’ll let me be your man
and please, say to me
You’ll let me hold your hand”


“O you are so pretty
as pretty as a diamond
I want to go with you
Come give me your hand”

Now I know this has been around for a while (well, 45 years) but almost no one knows about, even die hard Beatles fans like myself. Or if they know about it, they may have never had the pleasure to hear it. But that’s where I come in. I take something that might interest my readers, and inform them about it, no matter how old the websites or other info may be (e.g. MyLifeIsAverage has been around for a while now.)

So not only was I nice enough to inform you readers about this cool/funny/awesome little tidbit, I will even provide you with the two songs themselves. Now while I don’t normally condone downloading music to others, these tracks are a must-have and extreme rarity. Both songs show Paul McCartney delivering pitch-perfect versions of his own songs, but in a completely different language. Now how cool is that?

P.S. I lied. I will not give you the song files, because WordPress is being difficult. It is 5:45 in the morning right now, and I just gave up on 3 hours of online-poker playing because I had enough. (It was a freeroll, free entry, top 72 get put in another for-money tournament, I finished 147th out of 9000… mainly because I gave up at the end).

Anyways here’s the songs all the same (in video form). Ignore the videos themselves, but enjoy the songs. If you still want the files send me an e-mail.