Can Your Laptop Kill You?

by Admin

Note: not actual laptop from the story

Note: not actual laptop from the story

I know what you’re doing right now. For some reason unbeknown to me, you’ve stumbled across this blog, interested in the genius words of a great writer (me). But then you see a headline like this, laugh to yourself (no b.s. “lol”,) and imagine a transformer-type laptop coming to life and attacking you.

But this is a true story, not something out of a bad Michael Bay movie. Six months ago, the laptop of a 56-year-old B.C. man engulfed in flames, starting a fire that eventually killed him. The laptop, the model of which has yet to be announced, was left plugged in and on a couch, causing the battery to overheat and burst into flames.

This may sound like simple “Darwin-award” type stupidity, but its something that not many people would know how to handle. When placed on a non-hard surface such as a bed, couch, or cushioned chair, the laptop’s fan has no room to breathe and cool down the laptop, which causes the battery to overheat. Leaving the laptop plugged in for an extended period of time causes harm too, with more power being sent to the laptop, and the obstructed airways holding it in.

What you’ve now learned from this tragic occurrence should become common sense. When using your laptop, do not leave it plugged in for longer than it needs to be. When transporting it, turn it off and ignore popular “battery-saving” tips. And lastly, try not to use on something other than a desk or table, your laptop needs room to breathe.