He’s Back

by Admin


With a vengeance? Not quite. However, the former-deadhead-turned-Hassidic-Jew is back with a new album, entitled Light. With over three years passing since his widely-successful album, Youth, the return was well needed. Why the long absence? Like the opposite of late-sixties Beatles, Matisyahu was and is all about touring.

So working on his new album in between touring breaks has allowed the singer to put out something truly magical. Though this album will doubtfully reach the popularity of Youth, or its popular single King Without A Crown, the album is special in its own right.

Featuring songs like the powerful One Day and the new-wavey We Will Walk, the album really packs a punch. And really, even beyond those two tracks the album is pretty damn good. Though individually the songs are nowhere near as unforgettable as the ones on Youth. However, listening to the album from end to end does make for a rather enjoyable hour.

I’m assuming at this point I’m not making a very good impression on you, so I’ll switch from my typical blogging mindset to how I actually spoke once upon a time. Since most of my readers are my friends (unfortunate at this point), they’ll understand. Not my friend? Ignore this forthcoming paragraph:

“Yo its actually a pretty sick album. Not as legit as his last one, but definitely hooxable. DL “One Day” its sooooooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiick.”

Please do not think less of me for that. Anyways its getting late I just felt the need to get word out about the album for those who hadn’t already heard. I’ll actually review future albums, so think of this half-assed review as merely an attempt to get the word out about an artist who should be way more famous then he currently is.

The gimmick is done, let Matisyahu, musician, (and not “hassidic rabbi rapper dude”) set in.