Why Do I Write?

by Admin

I wish it was a cooler story, but without seeing “Almost Famous”, I might have never ventured into the great world of writing. I saw it originally not too long after it left theaters and started being aired on television, but I was too young to remember it fully I guess. Still, I wrote for both my High School and Elementary School newspapers, not really thinking of it as a career. I then re-watched it in 2004, and my life was forever changed.

If I could do something half as cool as William Miller (who was based on Director Cameron Crowe,) I knew I would be truly happy. And what was with all this new music in this movie? Rock music was actually pretty cool. This movie provoked that interest, and my Ludacris and Sum 41 CDs were replaced by a stolen burned copy of The Beatles’ White Album (disc one, left in my computer. Thanks sis!) and a copy of Weezer’s Blue Album (left at my house by a friend.) Come to think of it, the fact that my first two albums of “real” music were both self-titled. Coincidence? I think… so.

I let my hair grow, started listening to “good” music, and actually playing sports instead of merely enjoying them visually. The growth spurt kind of helped, and somehow I was becoming less physically awkward in sports (though some friends would disagree).

So as this guy…


Morphed into this guy…


My interest in writing started to explode. In 2004-2005, I wrote extensively for both The Suburban and my school paper, The Bialik Censored. It was then where I started to think of writing as not just a hobby, but a potential career. I left Bialik and attended Dawson, where I eventually became Sports Editor for Dawson’s “The Plant”. In CEGEP I started writing a lot more for The Suburban, as well as starting a flew blogs such as The Blender and The Goose Egg before eventually settling on this gem you are reading, Highway 35.

Why Highway 35 you ask? Well, as many people regard the internet as an “information superhighway”, I wanted my new blog to sort of serve as a highway, or more of a destination, for information, whether useful or not. At the very least I would provide links to other sites, or review albums/movies/etc, providing the “highway” connection. Why 35? Simple. My lucky number (I love roulette,) since I donned it on my hockey jersey from 2003-2004, I felt it would appropriately fit a blog I was hoping to make rather personal.

So there’s my little intro. You know how I started writing, and why I’ve continued, and thanks to this blog you have a place to enjoy all the fruit that has blossomed form this creative mind of mine. Make sure you take a look around, using the “search”, “categories” and “archives” features on the right to find what you’re looking for. Looking for information and can’t find it here? Simply message me and tell me, and I’ll blog about it. Getting what you want is that simple.

If you do choose to come back and read my work, please comment on the articles, because feedback is awesome. Also, become a fan of me on Facebook by clicking here, because that is where I post all my new articles, along with other links I find in my countless hours of surfing the internet. It’ll definitely be worth thirteen seconds of your time.

I love cheese.

(I really couldn’t figure out a good way to end it, so I figured I’d do random instead. Enjoy the blog.)