Want Ice Cream? Cry!

by Admin

From time to time I discover cool things from around the internet. Usually I just post the link on my Facebook Fan Page, but this finding was so important I had to write a separate blog about it.

According to this rather old report, an ice cream machine has been made that detects how unhappy you are, and dispenses ice cream accordingly.


The machine thinks (correctly?) that the more unhappy you are, the more in need of ice cream you are. Makes sense right? It asks you a series of questions, and uses your answers and voice to analyze how unhappy you are. If I owned that, I would intentionally be unhappy all the time, and enjoy my nearly-endless supply of ice cream (although I assume I’d have to refill it myself… damn.)

A man/genius named Demitrios Kargotis debuted his wonderful creation at a festival in Austria around two years ago, yet for some reason this machine has yet to reach the mainstream (or at the very least, Uncrate).

What is the world waiting for? Someone step up, in the name of depressed ice cream lovers everywhere!