The Toughest Job In Sports

by Admin


Is being a Dallas cowboys cheerleader? Can’t be. How can dancing around, and being extremely good-looking be any more difficult than it seems? It isn’t. It’s just that, for some reason, anyone applying to be a Cowboys cheerleader needs to answer a 100-question test as part of the application process.

And it’s not like this test has anything to do with being a cheerleader; most questions deal with the history of Texas (“Who is the current governor?”), the Cowboys organization (How many Cowboys QBs in the H.O.F?), or even world geography “(Which countries border Iraq?”).

So why put these beautiful women through all the extra effort? Head honcho Kelli Feinglass says its because “We want our cheerleaders to be knowledgeable and well-spoken in interviews. If they’re not, it’s a deal breaker.”

Wow. Tough job. As if they had a hard enough time staying in shape and staying beautiful, but its not like the Cowboys players even have to take the quiz. In fact, ESPN writer Rick Reilly heard about this, and investigated, by asking some Cowboys players to answer the questions.

Reilly used his findings to write one of his weekly columns (click here to see it), and wouldn’t you know it, most of the players didn’t do so well.

I guess intelligence is not really necessary in the game of football, but the cheerleaders need to know quantum physics for some reason.

(Not actually).