Morning Wood – 9/30

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Today’s Girl: Rashida Jones

Having just watched I Love You Man, I almost had to put her in here. Rashida has a TV show as well, called Parks and Recreation, which airs Thursday nights after The Office (SO, 9:30 PM) on NBC. Aside from that, she hasn’t really been in anything, but give her time. The hottie with the Judd Apatow connection (Freaks and Geeks, I Love You Man is destined for more.

100 Twitter Accounts to Subscribe To

“Tweets should do one of two things—make us laugh and/or tell us something we care about. Unfortunately, the Twitter universe is brimming with Tweets about cute cats, self-promoting BS and pointless meandering thoughts. (“Taking a brisk walk.”) To cut through the crap, we scoured thousands of Twitter accounts to bring you 100 that may make think, ‘Hey, this Twitter thing isn’t so crappy after all.'” – Maxim

Twenty Numbers

To be honest, when I first came across this link, I thought it was porn, (JoyTube?) Turns out JoyTube is merely a games site, and Twenty Numbers is a great way to pass the time. Though it looks like a cheap Deal or No Deal knockoff, it’s far different. Mixing trivia with chance, (and fake money!) it’s an excellent way to waste a few minutes. Click here to play it.

What’s on TV tonight:

I apologize for mentioning baseball. We’ll wait ’till the playoffs (which are coming up) to talk about that again. Plus hockey starts soon, so that should be exciting. But I digress… back to the listings.

If you’re into that kind of stuff, there’s a new episode of So You Think You Can Dance (8:00 PM FOX) followed by a new episode of Glee. If you’re not, there’s not much left on the tube, Wednesday is kind of boring.

On to the talk shows. It seems to be a relatively week, but if you have time, try to check out Steve Carell on Leno (NBC 10:00 PM), or even Madonna on Letterman (11:30 CBS).

Pic of the Day

I had to find a way to get this on the blog.

<em>Credit: ROFLRazzi</em>

Credit: ROFL Razzi

Video of the Day

I understand that the Kanye-Taylor Swift “feud” has kind of blown ever, but this is still amazing. I have a strange suspicion these guys are intentionally embellishing their accents.

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