2011 NFL Playoff Predictions

by Admin

I just did my 2010 ones, so why not? These are VERY early and will change twice: once the full schedules come out, and again right before the season starts. Enjoy for now.

WARNING: THESE WERE WRITTEN IN JANUARY. My season preview is here, and a late-November update is here.

Can Joe Flacco guide his Ravens to their first SB in 10 years?

Now onto the predictions…

First, the seeds:

1. San Diego (13-3)
2. Baltimore (12-4)
3. Indianapolis (12-4)
4. New York (10-6)
5. Houston (11-5)
6. New England (10-6)

1. Green Bay (12-4)
2. Atlanta (12-4)
3. Dallas (11-5)
4. Arizona (9-7)
5. Chicago (10-6)
6. Washington (9-7)

Wildcard Round:

San Diego – BYE
Baltimore – BYE
Indianapolis vs. New England
New York vs. Houston

Green Bay – BYE
Atlanta – BYE
Dallas vs. Washington
Arizona vs. Chicago

Divisional Round:

San Diego vs. Houston
Baltimore vs. Indianapolis

Green Bay vs. Washington
Atlanta vs. Chicago

Conference Championship Round:
San Diego vs. Baltimore
Atlanta vs. Dallas

Super Bowl:
vs. Atlanta