I Am A 15-Year-Old Boy

by Admin

About a year ago I wrote a post that seemed so immature I thought my very limited readership would immediatlly dismiss it as garbage and stop reading the blog. I even titled it “I Am A 14-Year-Old Boy” to acknowledge my immaturity. The post basically provided a list of my celebrity crushes at the time, Abby Elliott, Hayden Panettiere, and Kristen Bell. I did a quick write up for those three, providing a bit of background info saying why I had a “crush” on them.

Anyways in the last year I clearly haven’t matured much, aside from finally escaping the clutches of CEGEP and aging a year. However, that post continues to be my most popular post, due largely to people searching for pictures of those three, so I figured why not do another?

1) Jayma Mays

Obviously I start it off with a redhead. Like I said in the 14-year-old post, I have a bit of a preference towards redheads. They say gentleman prefer blondes, so I guess I’m not a gentleman. The preference might’ve started when I developed a huge cursh on Lindsay Lohan in “The Parent Trap” back when I was a young one. Or it could be that I inherited a bit of Jim Morrisson’s blood when my parent’s decided to give me a similar name (his birth name is James, and he was known to prefer redheads as well). Anyways I first saw Jayma Mays in Heroes and instantly fell in lust. Not only was she a redhead, but she had a significant role in my favourtie show at the time, AND to top it all of her character Charlie Andrews had the ability to remember everything, ever, an ability I’ve craved ever since I became a trivia nerd at a young age. When I heard she was back for a quick guest spot this season I was ecstatic (she has the cutest accent), and even started watching the show “Glee” due largely because of her having a supporting role.

2) Rachel McAdams
Actually not the best picture of her, but oh well. For someone who appears to look so hot in movies she doesn’t appear very photogenic in still images. Anyways though she did have a large role in Mean Girls, most guys didn’t really notice her untill she played Owen Wilson’s object of affection in Wedding Crashers. After that I’m sure she’s played a number of great roles, but her role as Sherlock Holmes’ object of desire in the Holmes movie that just came out a few months ago was amazing. I smiled on the inside every time she appeared on screen, because she’s just that damn cute. Sorry for being unoriginal with the “cute” remarks but I guess that just appears to be the theme for today, less “sexy” and more “cute” God I’m chauvinistic (that’s not true ladies).

3) Alison Brie
To be completely honest, I had no idea who this was before I started watching the NBC comedy Community. She plays a character named Annie and her innocence and hilariousness (is that a word?) makes her so much hotter. Maybe that makes me slightly less chauvinistic, because it appears that most of the people on this list (save Rachel McAdams) don’t really posses natural hotness, but their cuteness is transformed into hotness due to their amazing personalities (or at least the personalities they portray on TV).

4) Ellie Kemper
Yet another woman who may not possess mainstream hotness but is so hilarious her hotness is multipled. Though I didn’t really notice it at the time, she appeared in a number of sketches on a favourite show of mine, Important Things With Demetri Martin. She’s also been in a bunch of hilarious viral videos thanks to her participation in the Upright Citizens Brigade, including “Craigslist Missed Connection” and “Blowjob Girl“. She also parlayed her previous success into a regular role on NBC’s The Office as a secretary named Erin.

5) Bar Refaeli/Estin Ginzburg
These two should be classified as honourable mentions, or completely ignored, because it is their JOB to look good. They don’t need to be funny, be good actresses, or be anything other than extremely good-looking, which is the great thing about being a Sports Illustrated swimsit model. Refaeli was on the cover last year while Ginzburg will likely grace the cover shortly. Damn Israelis are hot. Here’s a treat:

Bar Refaeli

Esti Ginzburg

Honourable Mentions: Abby Elliott (again), Gillian Jacobs, Dianna Agron, Jessalyn Gilsig, Molly Sims

Click here to go read the “14-year-old” post with great pictures of some other women, and comment either here or there and who you want to see in the next edition. Sorry if I came off as a chauvinistic ass, but I aim to please.