Training Ride #2

by Admin

Training Ride #2 wasn’t much of a challenge for a number of reasons. First, I didn’t even pass 20 KM. The purposes of this “training” ride wasn’t really to do much training, but mainly to test out some new equipment and go on a short trip with my friend Josh. I had bought this odometer/spedometer/timer thing for my bike, but couldn’t figure out how to set it up for the life of me, so I gave it to my friend and his dad, who were on their way to buy him a bike. Turns out it was extremely complicated, but not so hard once he (Josh) knew what to do.

Anyways this thing makes biking and training that much better because it tracks a number of things, from average speed, trip distance, total distance, trip time, and current speed. It’s pretty awesome. Josh showed up at my house to set it up, and once we got it working, we figured we’d go for a short bike ride to kinda test it out. But since he was in jeans and we were both kinda tired, we didn’t want to go too far, so we thought of a specific destination: Burger DeVille on Westminster. The burgers there were amazing, and if you haven’t been yet you should definitely check it out. Anyways once we got there I figured we’d eat quickly then keep going. Surprisingly for me, I passed on fries for a salad, and left the bacon off the burger.

Once we got back on the bikes, we figured we’d go to St. Jacques and figure it out from there. Eventually we figured why not just bike for a certain time and back (around 20 minutes). We ended up turning around at Concordia (love the De Maissoneuve bike paths), and stopped for a small snack at Baskin Robbins. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I spent less than $5 on myself, getting a single cone instead of a double waffle or some sort of milkshake.

All in all, the ride wasn’t so bad, for obvious reasons. Now that I have this new timer thingy I can keep track of stats, so here they are:

Time spent riding (timer stops when I’m not moving): 1:16:29. Distance traveled: 19.689 KM. Avg Speed: 15.5 (pretty low, due to many pedestrians). Max Speed: 27.9.

Eventually I’m gonna add these all up for a “total training stats” sidebar on the right. As usual, here are the songs that I listened to.