Training Ride #3

by Admin

This was my second consecutive day of biking without doing much actual training. I got home from a summer course a little bit before my usual starting time of 2:00 PM, yet didn’t get on the road till around 3:30 or so, all because of some annoying technical difficulties. Also, I wanted to bike to school in the morning but that didn’t work out to well when I woke up less than half an hour before class time. Anyways, this “ride” was more of an errand, I had to go to the Rogers store to try to (and fail at) fixing my BlackBerry. By the time that was done, there wasn’t much time before my next class, yet I still managed to squeeze in a ride.

I kinda just went around randomly, not wanting to go too far incase I lost track of time. A bit of a waste of time, but if it’s over an hour, I count it. Also, you can now “like” my ride on Facebook by clicking here.

Date: May 4th
Distance: 18.64 KM
Time: 1:08:11
Avg Speed: 16.4
Max Speed: 30.6

As usual, here’s the music I listened to.