Commute Ride #1B

by Admin

Originally I was gonna combine both parts of Commute Ride #1, but decided to separate them into Part 1A (the way to school) and this one, the ride back. Basically, the ride back was a bit different than the ride there and all my rides in general. For one thing, it had rained pretty heavily while I was in class. Luckily I had removed both my seat and my Garneau (brand name for my timer/odomoter thing, to be described more in depth in an upcoming post) beforehand.

The bike was a bit wet however, and since I didn’t have a rag I was forced to deal with wet pedals, wheels, and handlebars. For some reason I forgot to put on my gloves this time (I’ll be featuring all my apparel and equipment in that upcoming post), yet didn’t notice until I was almost done. I also wore a raincoat for the first time, a free one I got from Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately for me, “XL” in America is probably made for shorter chubby people with short arms, and not tall guys with long arms like myself. Also, the elastic band on the bottom was fairly annoying as well, so in the future, I’ll have to look for my K-Way beforehand. Lastly, I didn’t wear sunglasses for once so I was stuck with having wind blowing freely in my eyes. Oh well.

Another thing that distinguished the ride home from the ride to school was my route. I went down DeMaissoneuve’s bike path as usual, but when passing Decarie I didn’t pay attention and ended up going onto Upper Lachine instead of continuing. My trusty bike path therefore disappeared and I was forced to drive much slower than I would’ve liked to since I was on the sidewalk.

That’s about it, as usual you’ll find my stats below and the music I listened to by clicking here.

Commute Ride #1, Part 2:
Date: May 6th
Distance: 8.20 KM
Time: 28:27
Avg Speed: 17.4
Max Speed: 26.8

Update – 6:41 PM, 5/6: damn. Really messed up my knee on this ride because of potholes, wetness, etc. Hopefully this’ll heal quickly.