Commute Ride #1A

by Admin

I have a 9:30-12:00 class twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) at Concordia’s downtown campus, so I hope to bike to that class (and home right after) as often as possible. Since even my 1 hour-ish “training” rides were barely training, I figured I’d title these as “Commute Rides” instead, with me quickly writing a recap once I get to class (shhh… don’t tell), and then expanding on it when I return home. Since my route is basically the same each time I’ll be doing it, I’ll constantly be trying to break my record time, and keep track of that here. Still to come; a sidebar indicating total accumulated stats and more updates. Check my past posts as well as the links in the top right for more info.

As usual, here is the music, and the stats (below).

Commute Ride #1, Part 1:
Date: May 6th, 2010
Distance: 7.55 KM
Time: 22:28
Avg Speed: 20.2
Max Speed: 31.3

For future reference, though this should be common sense, speeds are given in km/h (kilometers per hour).

Stay tuned for Part 2!

(Edit: Part 2 has now been changed to “Part B”, and is featured in a separate post here).