Training Ride #4

by Admin

Warning: this post is a bit longer than most, with a lot of detail. If you just want my stats, scroll to the bottom, but please read the whole thing anyways.

Damn Montreal weather. A few days ago, I was all set to spend part of this morning/afternoon biking to Lachine Canal (in what would’ve became my longest training ride yet I believe), with my friends over at Unite In The Fight (more on UITF in a later post, but check out the website by clicking here). Anyways, around Thursday or so it was cancelled because of the forecast for heavy rain. Originally I was disappointed, and kind of wanted to do the ride anyways. However, I woke up much later than I had hoped, and didn’t have much time. Still, I wanted/needed to bike anyways, so I strapped on my rain gear, some pants, and got going. The picture you see above is me after the ride, at the bottom of the post there is one of me before (when I’m nice and dry).

Like many of my past rides, this started with a bit of a destination. I’ve recently been hired to work at a TBA store (let’s make sure I have hours before I start talking about it), and in order to put me on the payroll, they needed a blank check. To be honest, living at home means that most of my financial stuff is handled by my mother. Sad but true. Anyways, I do have my own chequing account (I’m a big boy!) that I use for all money I earn from working, yet I had never had any cheques issued in my name, so I figured I’d just bike to my bank and ask them about it. Obviously I didn’t think, and my bank, which is located in one of the most Jewish areas in the world, was of course closed on Saturday, the Jewish “Sabbath”. I figured most other banks (CIBCs at least) would still be open, and remembered there was one close to my future place of employment, on Sherbrooke (gave it away a bit, but not quite). So I headed over there, taking my beloved DeMaissoneuve bike path the whole way. Got my form, handed it to my future boss, and started walking back to my bike. It was then when I saw my friend Olivia, whom I’d only seen about one other time in a few months. I stayed and talked with her for a bit while she was in line for something, caught up a bit, and then I was back to riding.

Then I thought of a great idea, and therefore a new destination. A while ago, when I was more serious about blogging (though I am serious about blogging about The Ride now, I mean blogging about everyday stuff, like sports and politics, which is why this blog, once called Highway 35, even existed), I had business cards made up at bureau en gros. I thought then that this would be a great way to get people, whether I knew them before or not, to check out my blog. I had 250 made up and handed out most, though I still have a whole bunch left. One thing I didn’t like about the cards however? My dumb decision to include my home address. Here’s what it looked like, with my address, cell #, and personal e-mail address cut out. If you want to e-mail me and don’t already have my personal e-mail, you can do so at

Anyways, the business cards helped out a bit, and even with the colour logo, weren’t even that expensive. I checked the Bureau en Gros/Staples website, and found out the 250 black and white cards with no logo go for just under $25, which is pretty darn cheap. I figured that if I were to write some sort of message on these cards, telling people about my story, my goal, and ways to get in touch (e-mail, website, cell) for more info. If I can print 250 for $25 or so, and hand them all out, I really think that those 250 people will combine to donate more than $25, even if most choose to ignore it completely. If I can get at least $25 out of this, then my investment was well worth it, because spending $25 of my own money to raise what I expect to be far more than that is definitely worth it. Here’s what the cards will look like, I plan on picking them up tomorrow and start distributing tomorrow as well. I’ve notcied now that I put my cell # on these, so blocking them in the other card was a waste… oh well.

I seem to be rambling a lot on this post, so I’m assuming my grammar or sentence structure hasn’t been optimal. ANYWAYS, once I finished up at Bureau en Gros, it was getting kind of late, and needed to be home for around 5, so I could shower and get ready to leave my house. Though I had worn my raincoat (see below) on my way Downtown, the rain wasn’t so bad. It drizzled a little, I got a bit wet, and I’m very thankful I brought sunglasses to protect my eyes from the rain. I even wore different shoes so I wouldn’t ruin my others. It turned out the rain was a lot less threatening than I expected, so I took off my raincoat and crumpled up into a ball, using the strings from the hood to tie it to my seat, resting it above my bike’s um… knapsack thing, for lack of a better word (once again, I’ll have an in-depth description on my equipment in a future post). I then proceeded to bike home, wearing my old Dawson Lacrosse under armour shirt and my warmup pants from my brief time on the Basketball team. It was quite a blast from the past. Just as I started to think I’d have a sunny, dry, but slightly chilly ride home, I was soon proven wrong. Once I crossed Decarie it was like I entered another universe. It immediately started raining, even harder than it was when I left my house WEARING a raincoat. Still, I pushed through it, getting soaked and freezing in the process. I guess that was good practice in case I happen to face such adversity come July and the actual ride.

Miraculously, this over 1000-word blog post is finally finished. If you managed to read the whole thing, I’m proud of you. Stay tuned for more and thanks again for your support!

Date: May 8th
Distance: 19.94 KM
Time: 1:06:54
Avg Speed: 17.9
Max Speed: 29.0

As usual, here’s the music I listened to. Also, here’s what I looked like BEFORE I went on the ride.