Training Ride #5

by Admin

Wow. Now that was one hell of a ride. I’m still sore, still have a headache, and I’m still existed, even though I’ve been home for almost five hours. Still, I gotta write at least something, so here it goes.

I started off the ride with two goals: make it my longest ride yet (not so hard), and do the entire Lachine Canal path, both ways. I sort of succeeded. It took me a little under a half an hour to get there from home, but I for some reason couldn’t figure out whether to turn left or right. I went with my (eventually wrong) instinct, and turned right. Fortunately, I only wasted a couple minutes before I hit a bike store called Rossi. I spent way too much time in there, but did end up buying a rear-view mirror and a pair of biking sunglasses that I figured would fit me a bit better than my crappy $10 flea market fake aviators. Then I set off down Lachine Canal’s 14 KM route, stopping once to get one of my handlebars adjusted by a conveniently-located repair booth. I kept going, and eventually made it to the Old Port. On the bike path I was usually going around 23-25 km/h, and not once did I see myself going below 20, so that was pretty good. I also took some pictures along the way, so check the bottom of this post for those.

Once I hit the Old Port I took a short break and started heading back. I had a feeling I took the wrong way, especially when I started going in the same direction I was just going. I thought there’d be a loop or something to turn around in, but I was quite wrong. My thoughts were confirmed when some buildings started looking familiar, and I noticed I was on my way to the casino, in the opposite direction I wanted to be in. Too late to turn back, I figured once I got to Jean Drapeau I could just take the metro home and be done with it. Driving through what me and my friends call “Johnny Flags”, I starting getting flashbacks from when I’ve been there for Osheaga. What felt really weird was standing right beside the hill that faces the two main stages for Osheaga. Obviously there were no stages there then, but in just a few months Weezer, along with a few others, will be performing within earshot of where I was biking. Awesome.

When I eventually got to the metro I exhausted, hungry, and cramped, I thought I was safe, but I thought wrong. The ticket attendant pointed to a sign saying bikes are not allowed on the metro between 3:00 and 7:00 on weekdays, and it was then around 6:00 or so. Frustrated but not wanting to wait around doing nothing for an hour, I got back on my bike, and figured I’d get to Papineau metro and just go home from there. I figured it wouldn’t be so bad but I didn’t realize I’d have to do a lot of the riding uphill, including going up and then crossing the Jacques Cartier bridge (which explains why my average speed was so low, see below). Once I got to Papineau I just kept going up until I hit Sherbrooke (east). At that point I figured I might as well bike home, so I went all the way until I saw a street I knew hit De Maissoneuve, and took my beloved bike path home. The funny thing is despite being really exhausted by then, from the JMSB building to my house I actually made better time than Commute Ride 1B. Keep checking back for more posts, including some not just about training rides. Thanks for your support.

As usual, stats are below and the music I listened to is here.

Date: May 10th
Distance: 44.71 KM
Time: 2:36:42
Avg Speed: 17.1
Max Speed: 29.9

Here are some pics I took (click picture to enlarge):

Captions (From left to right, top = 1-4, bottom = 5-8)
1. Cool sculpture at the start of my Lachine Canal ride.
2. Almost done!
3. And here’s the Vieux Port.
4. This is as I was starting to realize I was going the wrong way, and this confirmed it.
5. Big statue-ish thing in Parc Jean Drapeau
6. In less than three months, Weezer will be performing here. 🙂
7. Cramping and starving, I thought this was my saviour.
8. Lo and behold, no it was not… I still had an hour left.