Training Ride #6

by Admin

I went into this ride not expecting much. After my (relatively) long and adventurous ride yesterday, I expected to take it easy today and not even bike at all, even a “Commute Ride” to and from class. However a friend of mine, Emily, recently purchased a bike and we figured a short ride would be fun. For the first time I spent most of my ride not listening to any music, which is why my track count was so low today.

Anyways, I started off the “training” ride badly of course, going out of the way and under an unneccsary amount of underpasses. Oh well. Once I got to her place, we biked around aimlessly for a bit, then stopped off at Ben & Jerry’s, which was awesome. I had no idea they had Phish Food in Canada, so finding that out was great. After that she had somewhere she had to be so we biked to there, then I just went home. Pretty short blog post I know, but there’s not much else to say. I thought I’d be biking for like 40 minutes, and ended up at just over an hour, with most of the biking being very slow, which gave me my low average speed. However, I did hit 31.6 km/h with minimal decline, so that was fun I guess. That’s it for now check back tomorrow.

As usual, stats are below and the music I listened to is here.

Date: May 11th
Distance: 16.52 KM
Time: 1:06:22
Avg Speed: 14.9
Max Speed: 31.6