New Directions

by Admin

Ah… I blog normally for the first time in a little while yet to decide to title my first post with something that could be confused with a reference to Glee. Anyways, while I am still training avidly for my Ride to Conquer Cancer, I’ve stopped blogging too much about that. It had become too difficult to write a specific blog every single time I take my bike out, so I decided to make some changes.

First I changed the template. The blog was previously altered to feature the RTCC both exclusively and prominently. I only blogged about stuff related to that, which made blogging about other things difficult, since they looked out of place. I will still continue to blog partially about The Ride, and you can find those posts by their category “RTCC“.

Once the template was changed, I decided to change the format also. I started a Tumblr page a while ago to feature videos and other things I found throughout the web, but I stopped using that and instead have decided to just post them here. For days when I don’t have much time to write a full-length post, I can simply post a funny video or picture or whatever to please my limited readership.

That’s it for now, and I guess I should’nt leave you empty-handed, so here’s an old but still funny video of Ali G interviewing the Beckhams.