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So after watching An Evening With Kevin Smith, which is basically a collection of Q&A’s with the famous filmmaker, I started to do some Wikipedia-ing. On Kevin Smith’s own Wikipedia page, it mentioned a movie called Overnight Delivery, so I obviously clicked through. Once I found out the plot seemed nearly identical to the movie Road Trip, I decided to do some more research and find out which was first.

Here’s Overnight Delivery, which came out in 1998…

The main character Wyatt Trips, played by Paul Rudd, is a college student at Twin Cities College. He believes that his long-distance girlfriend, Kimberly Jasney, played by Christine Taylor, is not being faithful to him. As a result of this he goes to a strip club where he gets intoxicated and decides to send a letter to his girlfriend. With the letter he includes a picture of himself and a topless stripper. Trips soon discovers that his girlfriend was not, in fact, cheating on him, and that he has twenty-four hours to retrieve the package before it gets to his girlfriend. Rudd and the stripper, played by Reese Witherspoon, go on a road trip in hopes of getting the package back, but encounter many obstacles along the way, including a psychotic deliveryman. After finally stopping the package, Trips discovers after all he and Ivy had went through, he loved Ivy and not Kimberly and allows the mailman to deliver the package.

and Road Trip, in 2000…

Josh cheats on his high school sweetheart (Tiffany) with Beth. They film their encounter and the tape accidently gets sent to Tiffany by Josh’s roommate. Josh and his 2 friends (one obsessed with sex and the other with pot) decide to try and intercept the video before Tiffany can see it. However, Josh is at the University of Ithaca and Tiffany is in university in Austin, Texas. They take a nerd along with them so they an use his car. Along the way car blows up after trying to jump a river, they steal a bus from a blind woman, party at a frat house and donate sperm for money.

Thinking I couldn’t be the first person notice this, I did some Googling, only to find nothing of much detail. So… how has this not received more attention? I’m confused. Anyone?