Free Calls For Everyone!

by Admin

I’m going to write more on this when I get a chance tomorrow, but I wanted to break the ice because:

a) this is my first “post” in months.
b) who knows if I’ll be motivated to add on at all, so I better let some of you know about this.

Anyways, back to my point. This whole post is gonna start sounding weirder the more I type because I’m exhausted, and falling asleep (also, I’m in New York(.

K so basically, Google’s wonderful email account, GMail, now offers free calls. Yes, free calls. To any cell/landline in Canada and the U.S. From my New York hotel room I just called a few people in Montreal, AT ZERO COST.

Who am I kidding, no one is reading this now anyways. I guess I’ll edit it tomor