New Weezer Album Review

by Admin

This post was originally written in the September 14th issue of The Concordian. Please check it out/comment on it here.

Yes, that is ACTUALLY the album cover.

It’s rare for a band to have enough great material to successfully put out three separate albums in consecutive years. Unfortunately for Weezer, their new album Hurley is not an exception. Their first record since leaving longtime label Geffen seems lazy and rushed. While their last effort, 2009’s Raditude, actually had some catchy songs, this album has not one original recording worth listening to a second time. Actor Michael Cera makes a guest appearance on “Hang On”, but his backing vocals are drowned out by lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s increasingly whiny voice. “Memories” is the album’s first (and hopefully only) single, but it’s a track I’d much rather forget. The closest the album comes to having one worthwhile song is the cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, included on the album’s deluxe edition, but even that feels like a lazy effort. If you want to listen to some quality Weezer tracks, skip this and listen to their older stuff.

Rating: 4/10

UPDATE (Sept. 15th): I was pretty critical of this album after just a few listens. I still think it’s their worst album since maladroit, but maybe a teeny bit better than I first thought.