Dez Bryant Picked Up a $55k Dinner Tab. So?

by Admin

When Dez Bryant refused to carry fellow Cowboys receiver Roy Williams’ pads in July, the act received a surprisingly large amount of attention. Rookie hazing has always been a part of the NFL, but Bryant refused to participate. Months later, Williams got him back by pressuring Bryant into taking the offense out for a nice dinner. Williams brought the defense too, and the final bill game to $54,896.


With his rookie signing bonus already paid, Bryant is poised to make $2.86 million this year. With some quick math, that $54,896 dinner tab comes out to 1.9% of his salary for 2010. Out of the modest sum of about $2350 I made at my summer “job” (I’m 21 and I worked at a summer camp) this year, 1.9% would be about $44.65. So am I considered “generous”, or “screwed”, if I were to take out my lacrosse teammates for a meal that’ll come out to 2% of my salary from the summer?

If so, I’m down. Who’s up for McDonalds? The 25 of us can split 5 trios.