Cory Greenwood Makes “Madden”

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Greenwood tackles Falcons RB Jason Snelling

Despite being on the Chief’s 53-man roster since the start of the NFL regular season, Greenwood has been noticeably (to some, like me) absent from this year’s version of Madden. Thanks to the internet though and the ability to update the game mid-season, that has changed. Though Greenwood has only posted one tackle in three games while playing solely on special teams, but he’s surprisingly well known over at a Chief’s blog I read occasionally, Arrowhead Pride. After I posted a comment linking to some screenshots from his NFL debut, a Chiefs fan had some nice things to say about the former Stinger:

We’re all psyched about Greenwood, especially Craig. He’s got the raw talent and right attitude to achieve in this league, but he’ll take some time to bring along. He’s definitely been a special teams performer so far and I’m looking forward to seeing him develop over the next year and potentially work his way into being a regular part of the LB rotation. He reminds me a lot of a Studebaker. A guy who came into the NFL after playing his college ball against lesser overall talent (no knock on Canada, but I know American football ain’t as big there and the differences between that and D-1 are profound). But has the sheer grit and determination to make it and knows that he has to contribute all over the field in order to get noticed. I think he’ll be a name that breaks out in the league in a couple years, but for now, us die hard Chiefs fans have taken notice and like what we see so far.

Anyways, not only is Greenwood being noticed by Chiefs fans, but now he’s in Madden as well (though his picture is replaced by a blank silhouette, his “college” is listed as “N/A”, and his birthplace is listed as Kansas City, MO). Granted, he hasn’t shown much in terms of proven production, and therefore he’s been stuck with a paltry 53-overall rating. Though the 53 makes him one of the lowest-ranked MLBs in the game, some of his ratings are pretty impressive. Let’s compare a few to other MLBs in the league (overall ratings in brackets):

Overall: 53

Similar: Anthony Waters – NO (55), Dane Fletcher – NE (53), Justin Cole – KC (52)

Speed: 85
Similar: Jonathan Vilma – NO (91), Lawrence Timmons- PIT (88), Jerod Mayo – NE (86)

Strength: 62
Similar: Pat Angerer – IND (66), Coy Wire – ATL (65), Roddrick Muckelroy (61)

Agility: 82
Similar: Gary Brackett – IND (86), James Laurianitis – STL (85), Stephen Cooper – SD (82)

Acceleration: 82
Brady James – DAL (85), Kirk Morrison – JAX (82), Stewart Bradley – PHI (79)

*Jumping: 88
Lawrence Timmons – PIT (88), Curtis Lofton (88), Gary Guyon – NE (76)

Here are some of his other ratings:
Awareness: 42
Tackle: 68
Hit Power: 70
Power Moves: 55
Finesse Moves: 66
Block Shedding: 65
Pursuit: 81
Play Recognition: 52
Man Coverage: 50
Zone Coverage: 62
Press: 68
Stamina: 80
Injury: 92

*Jumping: 88. This is amazing. The 88 rating here makes Greenwood the second-highest jumper out of every MLB IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE! Crazy… as you can see from many of his other stats, Greenwood is one of the most athletically-gifted MLBs in the game, but the CIS and NFL are very different. Who knows where he will end up.

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Doesn't look at all like him, but wow he looks scary here