Highway 35: After 646 Days

by Admin

646 days is pretty random eh? There is absolutely no reason why I should be doing this post now. I’ve posted 232 times, received 607 comments, and garnered a little over 66,000 views. So? None of those are specific milestones in the slightest. But I got bored, and it’s my blog, so why not?

A selection of my most viewed posts:

1) I Am A 14-Year-Old Boy – 4/20/2009
Wow. The sole reason while my blog randomly generates views even on days (or weeks) that I don’t even post. Makes sense I guess, because of the pictures included in the post (a few of my celebrity crushes from the time). Starring Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, and Abby Elliot.

2) Phelps Caught Smoking Weed – 2/1/2009
Somehow, I was one of the first people to post about this. Don’t remember how or why, but the post is by far my most discussed (in the comments thread).

3) I Am A 15-Year-Old Boy – 2/8/2010
For the same reasons as the 14-year-old one: people like googling attractive women. This one features Jayma Mays and Rachel McAdams, among others.

4) How Good Is Your Hearing? – 4/6/2009
This is actually a very cool post. Using a series of high-pitched noises, there are actually some pitches some can hear and some cannot. That’s why dog whistles work, to a certain extent.

5) “F” FMyLife – 5/23/2009
After a certain point, I got really annoyed with the site FMyLife. So to find another outlet to waste my time, I came up with three alternatives. Now there’s probably 100 more. (Note: before the FML fad, or Superbad, I used to say “f*** my life”. True story).

Honourable Mention: New Meme Alert: Tiger Woods Cigar Guy – 10/5/2010
Somehow (probably thanks to Twitter), this blog, specifically this post, was discovered by the New York Daily News. Still wondering how.

Stay tuned for me. Sorry for the self-gratification.