Jack Johnson and Andy Samberg Together?

by Admin

Damn that title is way too long. Anyways, when I stumbled across the music video below, I couldn’t tell if it was real or not. For starters, I forgot what Jack Johnson looked like, (I haven’t thought much about him since the Curious George soundtrack). Secondly, since Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew are known for this type of thing, it could easily have been just another funny viral video. It wasn’t an “official” YouTube video anyways.

A couple days later, after forgetting about this and not doing any further research, I realized that this is THE ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEO for Jack Johnson’s new song, “At Or With Me”. He’s still got some talent, and the video is also hilarious, so enjoy.

Here’s a video of Samberg’s impression, on an SNL skit called “The Mellow Show”:

And lastly, here’s a completely unrelated, but still awesome, Samberg video: