You DO NOT Like It On Your Chandelier

by Admin

First of all, that doesn’t even make sense. Chandeliers are not made to hold more than 240 pounds, assuming the woman is 110 and the man 130. It’s very unlikely that people that you can successfully have sex while hanging from one. Much less the average person. What’s even more unlikely? That you like hanging your purse from one.

So that’s what this new “I like it on ________” fad you have no doubt noticed on your News Feed is. It’s a conspiracy, by women ever, to falsely imply their sluttiness by vaguely references where they like to put their purses. As you might have noticed though, it’s not necessarily where they ACTUALLY put their purses, but whichever place sounds the most dirty. So what’s the point of it all?

To raise “awareness” for breast cancer. Yes, you read that right. Seeing as how October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I guess it makes sense, raising awareness. Many NFL players and coaches are going a similar route, donning pink cleats, gloves, and other apparel, no matter the colour of the uniform.

But is misleading sexual Facebook status updates really the best way to do it? Last year, a similar campaign was started, where women around Facebook would make their statuses just one word, and that word was whatever colour bra they were wearing. Which I guess makes more sense in raising awareness for breast cancer, for obvious reasons. The goal of both of these campaigns was not only to raise awareness, but to do so while keeping men everywhere in the dark, and thus, raising awareness to a certain extent. Someone even joked that next year they would take it one step further, by simply listing the number of men one has slept with.

Surely there are other ways awareness can be raised. The bra thing was okay, but in my opinion, the sexual innuendo in this year’s campaign has no place in raising awareness, even if that something definitely needs awareness-raising.

That being said, whether or not you know someone affected by breast cancer, do everything (that is positive, not negatively sexual) in your power to raise awareness.