McGill Dissed by The Simpsons!

by Admin

As a student at Concordia University (whose football team just beat the winless McGill Redmen by the way), it’s always great to see McGill get dissed. And not just dissed, but dissed by mainstream media! Woo-hoo!

Anyways, when Lisa meets a former student of Springfield Elementary, and recent Yale graduate, she finds out that her extracurricular activities are not close to enough for an Ivy League school. Interested in improving her chances (even though she’s only in second grade), she makes her one-year-old sister fence her with toilet paper rolls.

Um, that makes sense.

Defeated, her mother walks in and tries to console her by saying:
“Sweetie, you can still go to McGill, the Harvard of Canada!”

Lisa’s reply?
“Anything that’s the something of the something, isn’t really the anything of anything.”

Your move McGill.

UPDATE: 10/13. Reply to commenters here. Video below. Special thanks to Evan Lepage for the video link.

McGill Gets Dissed! from graciedark on Vimeo.