Former NFL Agent: I Paid College Athletes

by Admin

Wow. The article, set to appear in the next published issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, has already blown up all over the internet, after SI released it on their official website.

In the confession, former player agent Josh Lucs confesses to having paid a number of former NCAA athletes, all while they were still in college, and thus, ineligible to receive payment for anything. It may be a stupid rule, but it’s a rule, and violating it can have big consequences (see Bush, Reggie). This confession is a huge revelation, and the effects should be felt around the NCAA and NFL worlds in the next few days, especially since some athletes he alleges to have paid include current NFL player Santonio Holmes, as well as a few others.

Since I can’t really say much more to do it justice, I encourage you to go check out the article for yourself. To do so, simply click his picture below.