Thank You Angry McGill Fans

by Admin

When I noticed The Simpsons had taken a slight jab at McGill the other night, I decided to blog about it. All I did was post the dialogue from the episode, and make a joke that it’s always good to hear McGill get dissed in national media. I even said this sarcastically, by writing “Woo-Hoo!” at the end of it. Oh, and I mentioned that the Stingers had just beaten the Redmen in football the day before. I thought it was a pretty harmless post, in fact, most of my McGill friends that saw it on Facebook.

Apparently, so did over 100 others (last time I checked, 115 people had clicked the Facebook “like” button). Nearly 2000 people have viewed the post, likely thanks to its high visibility when googling some combination of “Simpsons” and “McGill”. It seemed that the article was spreading pretty wide, as it led to my highest traffic day since I started blogging (see above).

But that didn’t stop the haters. Over 10 negative comments popped up in my blog, mostly dissing me, my intelligence, and the intelligence/relevance of Concordia students as a whole. For some reason, everyone seemed really angry. Where did I go wrong? Where were my negative comments? Saying it’s good to see McGill get dissed in national media? I didn’t think saying that was so bad, considering drunken froshies regularly chant anti-Concordia stuff while drinking irresponsibly during frosh week. I also mentioned that the Stingers had beaten the Redmen in football, which is true, but I left it at that. The commenters didn’t care.

Here’s the video that caused all the “controversy”. Thanks to Evan Lepage for finding it.

McGill Gets Dissed! from graciedark on Vimeo.

And here’s a selection of these highly-intelligent comments:

“All this insecurity from Concordia students is getting out of hand. Did the thought even cross your head that our university at least made it to the mainstream media while no one outside of Quebec even knows what Concordia is?

Btw, you’re celebrating the win of a football team at the collegiate level in freaking Canada (where the only athletes we make are hockey players)? RETARD ALERT!!!! I guess you going to Concordia should have been my first clue on that front.”

Where did I say I was insecure? When I mentioned it’s great seeing McGill get dissed publicly? How is that being insecure in the slightest? And yes, it is impressive that McGill was mentioned at all, THAT’S WHY I WROTE THE POST! It’s pretty ignorant to say no one outside of Quebec has heard of Concordia, and also pretty prejudice to say all Canadians are hockey players. I won’t go into that further, but I’m also shocked at the way you use “retard” and try to act like you’re somehow better than me. Lol.

“I guess the author of the blog misses the joke completely. But since the author has put the ball in McGill’s court, as a former McGill student, I’ll oblige.

(Stupid Q&A jokes omitted).

Get back to us when anyone west of NDG cares to take the piss out of Concordia.”

You get mad at me for missing the joke, when by posting this, I am merely mentioning the joke was made! Pretty hypocritical of you for saying I missed the joke of the whole thing when you CLEARLY missed the joke of the post. Wow.

“you idiot, they didn’t diss McGill, they dissed Canada, saying she can go to Canada, since Americans always joke on that. And if they mentionned McGill as the Harvard of Canada, that means McGill’s reputation is really high and it gets compared as good as Harvard. Obviously Concordia is an unknown shithole to Americans, which is why they didn’t say anything about it.”

You call me an idiot, then say something idiotic yourself. They clearly dissed McGill, and its claim by students/others that it is the “Harvard of Canada”. McGill does have a high reputation, and is indeed probably the best known school in Canada. That does not mean it’s the best school in Canada however, despite what the name may mean to some. They can’t mention every school, I actually thought it was cool they mentioned McGill at all, which once again, is why I wrote the post. Also, nice spelling genius.

“Concordia? Barely anyone has heard of you, chill losers.”

When was I not “chill”? When did I say anything hateful or provocative?

There were a few other comments, some clever, some not, these are just a selection. Someone named Adam put an excellent reply to the hateful comments, but it is far too long to put in its entirety here.

Go check out the original to see all the comments, and remember: I was never anti-McGill in my post, all I did was mention that it was great to see them get dissed by The Simpsons. If you think they didn’t get dissed, you are obviously missing something, and if you think I was trying to bash McGill, then you are not as smart as you McGill students claim to be.

On a side note, thank you for all the views angry McGill fans. If that’s what it takes, I’ll write “anti-McGill” stuff every week.