Community Is So Clever

by Admin

Though I’ve never gotten around to writing a blog post about how awesome Community is, it’s still a great, great show. I’ll get more into it some other time, but I will mention one thing that makes the show so awesome, is the pop-culture loving Abed, played by Danny Pudi.

Here’s a completely unrelated video of him and “Troy” (Donald Glover). Below it is the real reason of this post, but watch this anyways.

Anyways, Abed was noticeably absent in last Thursday’s episode. If you watched, you didn’t see Abed until the final moments, when he randomly appears with Shirley. So where was he? DELIVERING A BABY!

That’s right, a baby. If you watch the following clip carefully, you’ll notice Abed in the background, first meeting, then helping, then birthing, a pregnant women.

Well done, Community. I guess when you go up against The Big Bang Theory you need to find someway to mess with viewer’s minds.