Crazy CFL Ending

by Admin

The video below is quite possibly the strangest thing to ever happen in a football game. For those of you outside of Canada, the CFL (Canadian Football League) has a rule that awards a point to a team that either punts or kicks (missed FG) the ball in the opponents end zone, and has it stay there. This I knew.

What I did NOT know, was that in defense, one could just punt it right back. With time running out and the score tied, the Montreal Alouettes went for a FG, and missed. The Toronto Argonauts, the team they were playing, recovered the ball in the End Zone and PUNTED IT BACK TO THEM. The Als kicker came up with the ball and punted it BACK INTO THE END ZONE. Could you imagine it happening in the NFL? TO WIN A GAME?

Anyways, watch the clip, and enjoy the joke that is my country’s professional football league.