Things 90s Kids Realize

by Admin

The more I use StumbleUpon, the more awesome things I discover (and similarly, the more time I waste). Anyways this post I’m writing about today is to inform you guys about a great blog I just discovered, called Things 90s Kids Realize. I mean, this website just SCREAMS 90s. Look at their holiday-themed header.

If you were born anytime in the 80s (I was born late ’89) then you will definitely appreciate some of the great nostalgia on this site. Here are just a few that I’ve selected (out of about 70 or so), in no particular order, that I rather enjoyed. Click the pictures to access the original site’s descriptions, and sound off in the comments below on your favourite 90s moments.

Remember this show, about the girl that turned into a puddle? No? Alright click here. Trippy, eh?

Legends of the Hidden Temple.Damn. I miss that stuff. It even gave me my Fantasy Football team name (Green Monkeys). I wanted to be on that show so badly, but now I never can.

Self-explanatory. I still play my N64, and this is still so true.

Another pretty self-explanatory one. Did anyone actually use these things?

Now THIS was a sneaky one. If you say you knew this, you’re lying. In related news, I miss Sonic. Here’s an interview with Jaleel White.

Remember, this was only a SMALL selection of the website. For more just click here. What part of the 90s do YOU miss most?