My Friend Gaby

by Admin

Gaby likes the Colts and Ohio State. Because he doesn't like sports.

Hello ladies. This is my friend Gavriel Alexander Ruimy. He’s a very good looking young Israeli boy who likes long walks on the beach and playing soccer in the nude. His phone # is (514-XXX-XXXX) (EDIT: Removed due to too many ladies calling and inquiring), and you can add him on Facebook here.

As you can tell by his profile pic of him with a fancy car, Gaby is all about class. If you agree to date him he will be extremely generous, taking you to eat at VIP before ending the night at Sherazad.

So get in contact with him, you won’t be sorry!

P.S. Bonus pic below! A treat just for you ladies… 😉

Look at those abs! Skiing topless... ladies, that's a real man!